Alert Regarding Your Electric Bill!!!
Please read immediately!!!

In order to continue to receive the benefits of the
Central and Southern electricity municipal aggregation program, the best option is to do nothing.

Many residents in Central and Southern electricity service area have received confusing communications suggesting that they must soon make a choice to change their supplier.

This is not accurate.

To be clear: Your community has already selected a competitive supplier, Constellation NewEnergy, to recommence the electricity aggregation program starting in February 2023. Constellation NewEnergy’s rate will be a 22-month term at $ 0.1189 compared to Ameren’s Basic Service Rate of $0.12236. You will receive an Opt-Out letter from the municipality with information regarding the program very soon.

Central and Southern customers participate in a municipal aggregation program that combines the purchasing power of several communities to secure reliable, cost-effective power for approximately 130,000 homes.

At a time of rising costs and turmoil in the energy markets, municipal aggregation offers customers reliable power at a stable cost. Since May, Central and Southern customers have saved about $60 per month.

As customers receive letters and notices over the next few months, the best option is to do nothing and continue to receive the benefits of municipal aggregation.

For more information, visit www.csimuniagg.com.

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