Peoria Energy Program – Notice

In order to continue to receive the benefits of the Metro East electricity municipal aggregation program, the best option is to do nothing.

Many residents in the Metro East (see list below) electricity service area have received confusing communications suggesting that they must soon make a choice to change their supplier.

This is not accurate.

To be clear: Your community has already selected a competitive supplier, Constellation NewEnergy, to recommence the electricity aggregation program starting in February 2023. Constellation NewEnergy’s rate will be a 22 month term at $ 0.1210 compared to Ameren’s Basic Service Rate of $0.12236 An Opt-out letter for the new program will be sent out in the next few weeks.

Metro East customers participate in a municipal aggregation program that combines the purchasing power of 28 communities to secure reliable, cost-effective power for approximately 130,000 homes.

At a time of rising costs and turmoil in the energy markets, municipal aggregation offers customers reliable power at a stable cost. Since May, Metro East customers have saved about $60 per month.

As customers receive letters and notices over the next few months, the best option is to do nothing and continue to receive the benefits of municipal aggregation.

The list of communities in the Metro East Buying Group are outlined here/below.

City of Edwardsville
City of Alton
City of Jerseyville
City of Madison
City of Pittsfield
Village of East Alton
Village of Godfrey
Village of Hartford
Village of Pontoon Beach
Village of Roxana

Village of South Roxana
City of Granite City
City of Jacksonville
City of Troy
City of Venice
City of Wood River
Village of Bethalto
City of O’Fallon
City of Belleville
City of Columbia

Town of Trenton
Village of Albers
Village of Glen Carbon
Village of Hamel
Village of Maryville
Village of New Baden
Village of Shiloh
City of Centralia

Municipalities with existing aggregation programs are listed here.

If you live in Foster or St. Clair Township, watch this short video to learn why.

Interested in joining an existing Program? Click on ENROLL to learn more!

*Good Energy locks in low rates for Illinois residents despite recent Ameren Illinois price hike: Press Release


In 2011 and 2013, voters from over 100 municipalities in Illinois authorized their local governments to develop and launch a municipal aggregation known as the Central & Southern Illinois Municipal Aggregation program. It combines, or aggregates, all eligible Ameren Illinois electricity accounts within their respective jurisdictional boundaries to create large buying groups of residential and small business electricity accounts. Aggregation generates economies of scale and creates tremendous purchasing leverage with Alternative Retail Energy Suppliers (ARES), resulting in the ability for municipalities to offer lower electricity supply rates for participating residents and small businesses. This type of bulk-purchasing is very similar to the ways big-box stores operate – buy in large volumes and pass the associated savings on to customers. Is your community participating?

Program Details


Since 2012 when the first programs launched, over 60 million dollars have been saved when compared to Ameren default electric supply. Beginning in December 2020, the Program renewed for the sixth consecutive time, having achieved among the lowest aggregation rates since 2014, with one of two suppliers.


  • The Program rate will remain fixed and will not change over the duration of the term selected by the municipality (18 or 24 months). This provides protection from volatile electricity prices.
  • You will be automatically enrolled in the Program, but may opt out of the Program without penalty prior to launch.
  • You may also leave the Program at anytime without penalty.
  • The Program is operated under the due diligence of a municipally-organized process.


  • Ameren will continue to deliver your electricity with the same quality of service. You will only receive one bill from Ameren.
  • Small businesses that use 15,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or less are eligible to participate and will also be enrolled automatically.
  • You may still participate in Ameren’s Budget Billing program.
  • Several of the communities listed will offer a product that has up to 100% renewable energy content.